Bye Bye White Backgrounds - Big Picture Classes

Hello! Today I'mm so excited to share I've just published a new class with my fellows at Big Picture Classes! This time the subject is something completely unexpected: bold patterned backgrounds!

In Bye Bye White Backgrounds I'll give you tips that will help you in the process of using busy patterned papers as the background of your layout.

There is no doubt that everything stands out better from a white background, but why don't we get out from our comfort zone and dare to use bold patterned papers? If I succeed at this you surely can!

Bye Bye White Backgrounds include six lessons with detailed videos sharing tips and ideas for making those patterns shine and become the main element of your layout. 

If you're not subscribed to Big Picture Classes you can always sign in for a free trial and take this class and some more from the huge amount of interesting classes available.

If you get the chance of watching my class THANK YOU! And if you get to work on a project just tag me or send me a message, I see y'all there!

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