Algarrobo 2018 - Minialbum Anita y Su Mundo

Hola! Hoy quiero mostrarles este proyecto que hice hace algunas semanas para Anita y Su Mundo, cómo están? Es sencillo minialbum que hice con la colección Aventura. 

Me encanta esta colección porque es super alegre y colorida, perfecta para documentar recuerdos felices de un viaje o un paseo. En mi caso usé fotos de un paso a la playa que hicimos con mi familia el año pasado. 

Para este mini usé un sistema de encuadernación muy simple, con la máquina animadora y anillos metálicos, de esta manera pude poner páginas de diferentes tamaños y texturas.
Para darle un toque especial tapé los espirales con un pedazo de cardstock rojo que plegué para crear un lomo flexible.

Como les conté en ocasiones anteriores, en mis minis siempre trato de contar una historia de lo que estoy documentando, por lo que la primera página es de papel vegetal y en ella escribí acerca del paseo que es el tema de mi mini. En la página de abajo pegué una foto y luego corté una especie de ventana en el papel vegetal, de esta manera se ve la foto pero de una manera entretenida.

En mis minis siempre intento repetir elementos a través de las páginas para generar un elemento cohesivo en todo el proyecto, en este caso corté letras grandes de papel estampado como título de algunas de las layouts en el mini.

Y como pueden ver, también repetí la fórmula papel vegetal + texto + ventana con foto, me encanta esta idea, creo que se ve muy bonita y le da dinamismo a las páginas.

Usé muchos elementos de la lámina de recortables para decorar las páginas de mi mini, las almohadillas dimensionales son estupendas para dar volumen en la decoración.

Tenía varias fotos divertidas pero que eran demasiado grandes para el tamaño del mini, por lo que decidí cortarlas en dos y luego unirlas con un poco de washi tape, de esta manera puedo plegar mi foto y es posible usarla a pesar de su tamaño.

Para mantener el mini cerrado usé un poco de cinta roja, la cual anudé con cuidado para crear un moño. 

Como pudiera ver, es un mini muy sencillos, con tapas de carton forradas y encuadernación de espirales, algo muy simple y básico, sin embargo con pequeños detalles se puede convertir en un proyecto más sofisticado.

Les mando un abrazo grande, gracias por visitarme!

Happy Birthday Tatin - NSD Doodlebug Design

Hello! I want to share here this layout I made for Doodlebug Design as part of the activities of International Scrapbook Day some weeks ago.

I made this layout to document the birthday number 3 of my baby boy Martin. He loves anything farm themed, he's so into farm songs and animal sounds, so a farm themed party was the perfect idea. I worked on the party decoration using Down On The Farm collection, which I also used for this layout, how cool is that!

As you can see on this candy table photo, I used one of the cutfiles of this collection to create a big barn, it was the perfect decoration! Also I made a banner using some of the patterned papers.

I went for an all-over-the-page design because I had so many photos I wanted to use and also so many cute embellies I wanted to inlcude, I am far away from clean and simple designs these day, haha! See you around!

Dear Diary for Doodlebug Design

As I told you on a previous post, Last year I had the luck and joy of attending to a huge Latin-American scrapbooking convention held in Uruguay, the Paper Fest. 

In that event, one of the workshops was taught by the wonderful Steffi Ried, one of my fave scrappers since ever! I was so thrilled to attend to a class taught by her, of course I had to document it on my scrapbooks

When I saw this notebook like patterned paper from Simply Spring collection my first thought was that it looked like a diary, so I used that idea for working on my layout. I worked a super simple two-columns design, with lots of embellishments.

I used a photo of one of the gorgeous layouts we made at the workshop. I had a fangirling attack and asked Steffi to autograph it for me, she was so sweet, wrote kind words for me and signed it, how cool is that! :)

I cut some flowers using the cut files from Simply Spring collection and filled with patterned papers from the 6x6 inches pad. I prefer using smaller patterns for backing cutfiles, this way the pattern stands out better .

Of course I journal a lot about that day (you know how much I love to journal!), how I felt, how wonderful the class was and what a sweet teacher Steffi is. I used a circle shaped photo because I love circles!

I am so glad I had the chance to meet one of my scrapbook idols and also I got to document it using this beautiful collection.This is what I love the most of scrapbooking, the possibility of living again wonderful days by documenting them.

Do you have favorite scrappers? Have you had the chance to meet them or attending to their classes? Please tell me I'm not the only fangirl here, hahaha! Thank you for visiting the blog today, have an awesome time!

Easter for Doodlebug Design

In our family everyone loves chocolate, so Easter is one of our favorite holidays. Last year, my little boy was big enough to understand what was happening so for the first time he joined his big sister on the egg hunting!

I love all the patterns in Doodlebug Design collections, they are gorgeous, but some times they might seem too busy to be used as a background... I was determined to use this fabulous patterned paper as background, so I solved the problem by cutting a bit of space using one of the cut files of this collection:

I used the file Easter Bunny #2 to create some space for including my photos and journaling, and of course I used a good amount of embellishments as well from the Odds&Ends and Shape Sprinkles packages.

If your trying this, a good idea is to use the sewing machine (or hand sew) around all the cut shape, this way you make sure the white background is properly adhered to the patterned paper and also it gives a nice effect.

I journaled about the happy memories of these photos and included a big title I cut using my electronic cutting machine and free font Learning Curve.

I am so satisfied about how this layout came out, it displays the gorgeous patterned paper but it does not look overwhelming or too busy.
If you give this idea a try let me know, thank you for stopping by today with us, have a lovely day my Doodlenug friends!


Products Used 
Hoppy Easter Odds & Ends 
Bunnies Shape Sprinkles 
Spring Babies Shape Sprinkles
Hoppy Easter Double-sided Cardstock
Easter Bunny #2 Cutfile 

Paper Park for Doodlebug Design

Last year I had the luck and joy of attending to a huge Latin-American scrapbooking convention held in Uruguay, the Paper Fest.
I spent 4 days with women from different countries of Latin-America and from Spain and we had a blast. the event included different workshops with teachers such as Amy Tan and Steffi Ried, and everything was oh so dreamy, plenty of fabulous photo spots, the scrapper heaven!

Of course I took a gazillion of photos, and the new Simple Spring collection was the perfect fit for some of them. 

I used this beautiful collection to create a layout documents the gorgeous park in the hotel where the event was held. There were awesome photo spots and I had a blast with my friends taking fabulous pics.

I went for a super simple grid design and used plenty of diecuts from the Odds & Ends package.

I created my title cutting some letters with my electronic cutting machine and using this tutorial I created some time ago. The handwritten font it's called Sacramento and you can download it for free from the internet.

I love the little critter of the Shape Sprinkles in this collection, they are simply adorable in any way, and a perfect element for embellishing the title. 

I hope you like this layout, it has a lot of volume and texture but it is a very simple one and it documents such a happy memory.

Have a lovely day my friends!

Lucky for Doodlebug Design

My kids love to have their photo taken, but getting a non blurry pic with both of them on it is such a hard task.

Few weeks ago we were walking around our neighborhood and suddenly they started posing and asking "mom, we like this spot, take a pic of us here!" I knew it was my lucky day! I snapped a few photos of my babies and made a layout about that happy moment :)

I love how colorful and cheerful Lots O' Luck collection is, the rainbows and ldybugs make me so happy.

I used a lot of stitching and transparency in this layout. One tip for achieving perfect sewing machine stitching is not using the pedal but making it work with your hand, this way the stitching will be exactly where you want.

This is such a simple layout about a random happy moment, I love it! Volume, texture and transparency are the main elements and I think it cam out cute. I hope you like this idea.

Have a lovely day my friends!

Beautiful Skirt - Doodlebug Design

Hello!!! Today I want to share here this layout I made for Doodlebug Design, it's a silly one but I love it <3 p="">
I love clothes, specially dresses and skirts, so when I found this polka dots and clovers skirt I really fell crazy in love with it. 

Midi skirts are my current wardrobe obsession, and this one is my absolute favorite, so when I saw Lot's Of Luck collection I knew it was perfect for documenting my pretty clovers skirt. All the clovers and green were the perfect fit for my photos. 

I went for a simple design with central columns and used plenty of diecuts from the Odds&Ends package, my favorite item from all Doodlebug Design collections. 

I love when scrapbooking is an excuse to do something in real life, like this time, when using the beautiful Lots O' Luck collection was the excuse to dress up, feel gorgeous and pose like a model in the hedge of my neighbor :)

I hope you like this simple design, maybe you also have a fave outfit you would like to document, just do it! This is the kind of stuff you will surely forget about in few more years and scrapbooking is such a precious tool to treasure your happy memories.

 Thank you for stopping by today!