Halloween - Doodlebug Design

I was sorting photos for Halloween projects some days ago and found this darling pic of my little girl some years ago. I can't believe I didn't scrapped it before, so I printed and got down to the business.

I wanted to use a circle structure on this layout, so I just cut a big circle in the middle of the page and filled it with the photo. It was such a simple design but i love how this came out.

I used a bunch of diecuts from the Odds&Ends package and few Doodle Pops to create some embellishment clusters, i didnt used patterned paper in this layout. 

The main focus is on the big photo, but I also used few more circle shaped photos on the cluster just to make the composition more interesting and because I love using as many photos as possible on my layouts. 

I created my title using my Silhouette Cameo machine and free font "Learning Curve" I found on the internet. I cut it in a circular way, just to keep the whole circle concept.

I love the simple and clean concept of this layout, and that I only used embellishments, it's full of stuff but it looks clean at the same time :)

I hope you like this idea, thank you for being with us today and Happy Halloween!

First Day - Doodlebug Design

As you may know from previous posts, I am experiencing a bold patterned papers background phase (if you want to learn more about it just check here!) and Doodlebug Design patterns are perfect for this purpose.

I specially loved this gorgeous black patterned paper and decided to use it as background of this layout that documents the first day of school of my little boy.

Since there were so much happening on the background, I went for a simple grid design with a big cut file title. Here is my project:

I used few of the cards included on one of the patterned papers, these are perfect for a grid design. I also created few clusters on embellishments on oposites extremes of the page, just to keep it symmetric.

I created this simple diet title using the instruction of this video, it's really easy! I backed the letters with the paper of the 6x6 inches pads because patterns are smaller and work better for this purpose.

I love of colorful and happy this layout came out. Although it has a lot of color, embellishments, bolds background and 3 photos, it looks balanced and not overwhelming at all... at least that is what I feel when I look at it :)

I hope you like this idea, dare to get out from your confort zone with simple backgrounds and give a try to beautiful patterned papers. Have a lovely day!

World Traveler - Doodlebug Design

Few years ago I had the chance to travel with my little girl to Orlando, and we spent 10 days at Walt Disney World. It was such a great experience for the two of us, it was the first travel of my little girl outside South America. Of course I had to document it, and this layout cut file was the perfect fit for my photo and for the memories I wanted document.

I love that Doodlebug is now creating cut files specially designed for being used on layouts, as a layout enthusiast I really enjoy using them. In this layout I used the "world traveler" file as title of my page. I backed it with papers form the 6x6 inches pad. 

As always, my fave item of this collection is the Odds & Ends package and in this layout I used them to create some kind of column in the middle of the page, with different levels and also including some sprinkles here and there to make the design more interesting.

I really enjoyed playing with this collection, its colorful and happy, and it worked perfectly for tis travel memories. I hope you liked it as well, thank you for stopping by today!

Familia - ANita y SU Mundo

Hola! Cómo están? Hoy quiero mostrarles una layout super romántica y dulce que hice con la colección "Nos Casamos".

Me gusta mucho esta colección, su combinación de colores y diseños suaves es perfecta para esta foto que tomaron de mi familia el año pasado en la boda de mi hermano.

Como base usé este papel estampado en colores de gris y blanco, quería que no fuera algo muy ruidoso ya que mi idea era usar un archivo de corte y de esta manera poder usar varios de los papeles estampados a la vez.

Para cortar el corazón usé mi troqueladora electronica Silhouette Cameo, y elegí este archivo de corte con forma de corazón floral que compré en una la tienda Cut To You. Me gustó porque me pareció muy adecuado para el tema de la colección, así quedó mi layout:

Como pueden ver, el archivo es muy simple, pero al llenarlo con papeles estampados el efecto es muiy bonito. Traté de intercalar papeles más simples con otros más ruidosos para hacer que la composición fuera más interesante.

Para el título use el abecedario de goma eva en color gris, combina perfecto con esta colección!

Armé algunos grupos de adornos con flores que recorté de la lámina de recortables y también de los papeles estampados, con la ayuda de las almohadillas dimensionales de la colección de Básicos la composición queda más entretenida.

Como siempre en mis layouts, el texto o journaling es una parte muy importante y en este caso lo escribí dentro del corazón, combinando escritura a mano y algunos stickers del abecedario de pegatinas de la colección de Básicos. 

Algo ue me gusta muchio hacer en mis layouts es usar costura, y en este caso lo hice con mi máquina de coser. Un detalle importante al momento de usar esta técnica es hacer funcionar la máquina con la mano, no usando el pedal, de esta manera nos aseguramos que la costura pase justo por donde queremos y no se salga de nuestro plan.
En caso de no tener máquina de coser, el mismo efecto se puede lograr cosiendo a mano y cion aguja, lo importante es perforar con cuidado los agujeros antes y luego proceder a coser. 

Esta es una layout super sencilla pero a la vez es entretenida, lo más importante es que documenta un momento feliz para mí y mi familia.

Espero que les haya gustado esta idea y les sirva de inspiración para trabajar en sus layouts, si tienen alguna duda me pueden dejar un comentario. Besos!

Halloween With The Girls - Doodlebug Design

Last year, for the very first time since I am a mom,  didn't spend a Halloween with my kids, the reason was because I was out of my country on a scrapbooking convention. The kids had a blast anyway with their dad and my in laws, and I got to enjoy a different kind of halloween with my friends!

This is what I wanted to document on this layout, of course I used fabulous Candy Carnival collection.

One thing I loved about this collection is the new shaped brad package, in this case was spider shaped,  really cute and not scary at all! I started thinking ways of using these brands and I came up with some interactive photos here and there...

Using brads you can create cute movable elements on your page, in this case I used circle shaped photos and being them I wrote my journaling. I love the effect!

As base of this page I used this gorgeous patterned paper, love the black and white on the back. Also, I created few embellishments clusters here and there using the Odds & Ends package and some Doodle Pops.

For my title I cut word "halloween" using my electronic cutting machine in black cardstock and using Better Together free front. I completed the sentence with some Tiny Typos alpha in orange color.

I love how simple this page came out, but at the same time it has a lot of thing happening! I feel so proud I got to use those cute brads, I'm definitively trying this on another layout again :)

 I do hope you like this idea, maybe you have some brads there waiting to be used, now you have a excuse to crack the package open! Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day!

Back To School - Doodlebug Design

First day of school is an important day in our family, I have documented that day for my little girl since she was on playgroup, so this School Days collection was perfect for some of the photos I have taken of her last years.

I created this simple layout featuring a big title cut file because I wanted to feature many patterned papers of the 6x6 pad, love the patterns in this collection! I created the title myself using Arial Black font and offset tool in Silhouette Cameo software.

I used foam dots to create a title with different levels, I love the effect! Also few Shape Sprinkles here and there to make it more fun and interesting.

I love Doodle Pops and I keep on trying to use them more on my layouts, in this one I created a fun cluster with Odds&Ends and few Doodle Pops, love how it came out.

I love how simple and colorful this layout is, and also that it documents a happy memory of my garland our family.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Montevideo - Doodlebug Design

I really love to travel, I try to do it as often as possible and I enjoy every minute of a trip. Said this, I Heart Travel collection is simply perfect for documenting all these travel photos! I love the colors and all the travel concept of this collection.

Last year I had the luck of traveling abroad few times and of course I took a lot of photos, so I decided to use this one from the time I went to Montevideo, Uruguay.

I went for a really simple design, with a light patterned paper as bad and a blank space filled with embellishment. I love this kind of composition because although its filled with stuff it still looks clean and simple.

Of course I loved all the embellishments of this collection, so I used plenty of diecuts from the Odds&Ends and the Chit Chat packages. This time also used some stamps here and there too, just to add an extra detail to the composition.

I love the new product include in this collection, the Chit Chat Travel Tags! These tags are gorgeous and perfect to be used as journaling spot. I use one of them with this purpose, love the result.

Since the photo included the name of the city, somehow it was the title of the layout, so I decided to include the name of the country to finish the title idea. I used green Abigail aha for this.

I hope you like this idea, and if you give it a try don't forget to tag me on instagram (@papelisima) or leave me a message here. Thank you for stopping by today!

Feliz Cumpleaños - Anita y Su Mundo

Hola! Cómo están? Hoy les quiero mostrar una layout sencilla y entretenida que hice con la bonita colección Felicidades de Anita y Su Mundo.

Cuando recibí esta colección me gustó mucho, los colores pasteles (me encanta la combinación de turquesa y coral) y los lindos patrones de los papeles, ideales para fotos de cumpleaños alegres.

Busqué algunas fotos del cumpleaños pasado de mi hija y me puse manos a la obra! Esto es lo que resultó:

Usé como centro de mi diseño un archivo de corte de mi máquina troqueladora electrónica. Esta es una excelente opción cuando queremos usar muchos patrones de papel diferentes en una sola layout sin sobrecargarla.

Siempre digo que me gustan mucho los elementos de la lámina de recortables y los de esta colección me encantaron! Una buena idea también puede ser decorar un poco más los recortables, por ejemplo con los enamel dots de la colección de básicos de Anita.

Combinar fotos redondas y cuadradas es siempre una buena idea, aporta variedad y hace que la layout sea más llamativa. En este caso aproveché el diseño de gris del archivo de corte para combinar fotos y papeles estampadois también. 

Para el título de mi página recorté la palabra "cumpleaños" con mi troqueladora electrónica y la fuente gratuita "Learning Curve" y lo complementé con los abecedarios de goma eva de los básicos de Anita. 

Al usar archivos de corte una buena idea es aplicar costura (ya sea a mano o a máquina) encima de ellos, de esta manera el corte se adhiere mejor a la hoja y además se ve más bonito. Recomiendo que si usan esta técnica apliquen la costura dando vueltas a la máquina con la mano, ya que al ser diseños pequeños, y a veces intrincados, apretar el pedal podría ser una jugada arriesgada.

Espero que les haya gustado esta idea y se animen a hacer algo con esta hermosa y entretenida colección. 

Si tienen algun trabajo con ella o con alghuna de las demás colecciones de Anita y Su Mundo no olviden etiquetarnos con el ht #anitacreaciones. Un beso!