Especial Navideño for Doodlebug Design

Hi there peeps! It's finally that time of the year when we are free to scrap Christmas memories without looking too early or impatient, yay!

Today I want to share this layout I made using beautiful Christmas Town collection, one of my fave collections by Doodlebug so far.

When I saw this collection I just fell in love with all the kraft details, specially on Odds & Ends and Chit Chat packages, so I decided to make a layout using kraft cardstock as base.

I used a photo of my annual Christmas party with friends, I have been throwing this party for 4 years now and every year it gets better and better, I'm really looking forward for this year edition.

I must admit I went a bit crazy with embellishments in this layout. I created some kind frame all around the page using lots of diecuts, sprinkles and stickers.
I adhered the diecuts trying to fill as much space as possible, and also used some foam dots to add different levels and volume to my page.

I created my title by cutting one word in my electronic cutting machine using free font "Sacramento", and completed it writing the second word with Tiny Typo stickers in red color. 

I loved the result of all those embellies together. Actually, I feel that everything looked so perfect that I was kind of ruining my page by putting a photo, LOL! 

I hope you liked this way of organizing the page, I think it's a great way to use a good amount of stuff and display it beautifully.

Have a lovely day!

Paciencia Infinita para Anita y Su Mundo

Hola! Qué tal? Yo volviendo poco a poco a la vida real después de esa burbuja de felicidad que fue el Paper Fest. Pronto les voy a contar más en extenso como viví esa experiencia, por ahora les quiero mostrar acá esta layout que hice hace algún tiempo para mis amigos españolísimos de Anita y Su Mundo. 

Usé la colección Mascotas la cual me gusta mucho, sus colores son alegres y el tema de gatitos y perritos me encanta ya que tenemos una gata y una perrita en casa. Les dejo el video que grabé mostrándoles el paso a paso de esta sencilla layout.

Como pueden ver, fue muy fácil y rápido hacer esta layout, muy en el estilo clean and simple que tanto me gusta. Así es como quedo terminada.

Me encanta el diseño de guirnaldas, y en este caso ademas lo combiné con algunos diecuts de la lámina de recortables para hacerlo más entretenido.

Como les comentaba en el video, un detalle importante para que una layout sea interesante es combinar niveles, y para esto las almohadillas dimensionales de los básicos de Anita son una gran herramienta.

El journaling siempre es un elemento fundamental en mis layouts, y acá lo trabajé combinando mi escritura a mano y stickers amarillos de la colección de Básicos de Anita. Me encantan estos abecedarios, son muy versátiles!

Finalmente, completé la página con el título, que está compuesto por una palabra que corté con mi Silhouette Cameo usando la fuente gratuita "Better Together" y otra palabra con el abecedario de goma eva color azul, de los Básicos de Anita.

Como pueden ver, el resultado es una página simple, limpia, pero entretenida y con bastante volumen. La foto muestra a mi pequeño cuando apenas era un bebé y estaba empezando a relacionarse con nuestra gatita. Me encanta esta foto porque captura tan bien la personalidad de ambos, jajajaja!

Espero que les haya gustado esta idea y se animen a probarla, como siempre digo, es importante probar y practicar para saber que técnica y estilo nos gusta más. Esta es una layout muy simple y fácil de replicar, si se animan muéstrenme lo que hagan!

Que tengan un bonito día!

Halloween Bags for Doodlebug Design

Hi there peeps! Today I want to share  my last Halloween project this year. As I told you on previous posts, I love halloween, it's such a fun event in my house and every year I try to prepare little details for my kids. 

This year it was different kind of Halloween, because I was out of my country having some mom vacations attending to a scrapbooking retreat (YAY! I will tell you about it more in detail in future posts). For this reason, I decided to make some cute bags for them to go candy collecting, so they will have a bit of mom with them on that day my little girl was specially excited about them (she happens to love Halloween too!).

For this, I used few of the fabulous cut files from Pumpkin Party collection, already available at Lori Whitlock shop and at the Silhouette Design Store.

I wanted to create a simple but yet lovely cluster of images, so I chose the pumpkins and ghosts for my design. I used my electronic cutting machine and flocked heat transfer material in different colors to decorate two black cotton bags.

The little ghosts are too cute to spook and the favorite icon of my little girl from this cut file bunch, so I used them for her bag. For an extra cute detail I added some jewels on their cheeks , how adorable is that!

I layered different colors of heat transfer material to create these sweet pumpkins, they are so cute and not scary at all.

I completed the design with few silver glitter stars here and there, these make the project more interesting and eye catching (and sparkly!).

This is a super simple project and the result can't be better, now my kids can go trick-or-treating with their custom made bags!

I hope you like this idea and give it a try, I love custom made stuff and this is certainly great way of adding a special detail to Halloween.

Have a lovely day!

Journal It Awesome - Class for Big Picture Classes

Hello there! I'm thrilled to share here that I've published a new class at Big Picture Classes! Its name is Journal It Awesome and, as you can imagine, it's all about journaling.

Often, I'm asked about how I manage to include journaling in my pages in such an organic and creative way. I never though about that before, I guess that journaling just "flows", but with time I've realized some things make easier the process of journal in my scrapbooks, and those are the tricks and ideas I share on this class.

In Journal It Awesome I'll show you six ways of guiding your journaling and incorporate it in your page in a fresh and eye catching way. 

I put all my heart in this class and I am so proud of the results, six layouts filled with stories, memories and the photos documenting them. 

I'm glad I got tho share this with you all, so if you are subscribed to Big Picture Classes, don't miss this class RIGHT HERE! If you are not, just tae a 2 week free trial and give it a try, I guarantee you won't regret it :)

Have a lovely day!

Halloween for Doodlebug Design

Hello there! I'm thrilled to share here a new project I made for Doodlebug Design with gorgeous Pumpkin Party collection. 

Halloween is such a big deal in our family, and every year I go with my kids trick-or-treating. Last year I also enjoyed this festive activity with my bestie and we all had a great time walking with the kids and saying hi to neighbors.

This is the layout I've made to document this happy memory:

I went for a patterned background again, I am really succeeding on my purpose of using less white backgrounds! This black paper features some gray scary trees and the pattern is so soft and subtle that works perfectly as base for a layout.

As you may know already, I love Odds&Ends, and I created a big embellishment cluster with them at the bottom of the page. I also used some Doodle Pops and Shape Sprinkles to make the design richer and more eye-catching.

I went for a simple title this time: I just cut word Halloween in purple cardstock using my electronic cutting machine and free font Better Together.

A great way to add volume and make your page more interesting is by "embellishing the embellishments" LOL! I used some glitter sprinkles to add a extra detail to these garlands, also I bend the flags a little for more volume. I think it makes a nice effect.

I love how this came out, it's really simple but it's full of stuff at the same time... I've realized I just can't stop embellishing when I'm working with Doodlebug!

Have a lovely day!

First Trick or Treat for Doodlebug Design

Hello there! Today I want to share here this layout I made for Doodlebug Design's blog.

Halloween is a important holiday in our family. Every year my daughter chooses her custom with a lot of anticipation and I work trying to put it together according to her wishes.

After being a only child for 8 years, last year it was the first time my little girl went trick or treating with her brother, and they had a blast! Of course I had to document that...

I used some of the Petite Prints papers for his layout. I love the floral-graph pattern, so I used mandarin color here because it's simply perfect as base.

I went for all over the page design this time, so I cut a big "halloween" word and turned it into a cut file and main decorative element of my page. The process is really simple, just take a look at the following video:

It was really and easy and fast, and you can use this idea to create different titles or grids for your layouts!

In this page, I backed the letters with some more Petite Prints and also with some papers of the 6x6 paper pad of Boo Ville collection.  

The 6x6 pads are a great idea when you want to back cut files that are not too big, because patterns are smaller and don't get lost when you cut the paper.

I embellished my layout with a combination of Doodle Pops and Shape Sprinkles. I love the volume of Doodle Pops, I think hey make a great embellishment not only for cards but also for pages.

These little spiders are really to die for, my fave halloween embellishment so far  

I wrote the title of the page using Love Letters cardstock alphabet in black color, I love this typography and it goes perfectly with the theme of this layout.

I completed my design by writing my journaling of course! You know I love to write a lot in my pages and this is no exception. This time I handwrite about how happy I was about my two kids trick or treating together, such a happy memory to document indeed.

I hope you liked this idea and use the offset trick to create something pretty. If you have any question  just leave a comment, thank you for watching today!

Costa Rica for The Cut Shoppe

Hi there! I want to share here this,  my very last project as part of the DT of The Cut Shoppe.

I created a simple but fun layout using The Bright Side collection by Fancy Pants, The Floral Leaf cut file as background, and also used The Funky Floral cut file. 
The lovely  photo features all the ladies that attended to my scrapbook workshop in Costa Rica last March.

I love the volume of this cut file, it makes a great effect as background. As embellishment, I created these cluster flowers I cut using some dies by American Crafts. 

I really love all the volume and texture of this cut file, the effect is fabulous!

I wrote my journaling in a bunch of tags lined one over another, I think this is a really eye-catching way of including it.

I am very pleased with the result of this layout, it's full of color and volume, I love that! I hope you liked it too and got inspired to work with this cut file.

I want to thank Ashley for the opportunity of being part of her DT, I've really enjoyed working with her cut files and I hope I got the chance to inspire you all.

Disney Descendants Minialbum for Doodlebug Design

I love to throw parties and every year I have a lot of fun planning the birthday party of my kids. Every year we decide a theme, and I work for weeks so as to have the food and decoration ready for that special day. Once the party is over I have more fun documenting everything in a mini album, and today I want to share with you the mini I made with photos of the birthday party number 8 of my little girl.

The theme of the party was the movie Disney Descendants, and I must confess I haven't used these photos until now (my girl is already 10 now) because I really have no idea about what collection would fit this very specific color scheme and theme. although, when the Design Team were challenged to use the new Petite Print collection I knew it was perfect for this project! 

I chose ruby, blue jean and beetle black dot-stripes paper for the pages and also orchid floral-graph paper for the inner cover, because these were the colors of the movie. I also used this super fancy cardsotck with velvet details I have been hoarding for more than a year.

I went for a simple thread binding, used some washi tape to join the covers and spine of the mini and with the help of eyelets and gold metallic thread I  put the pages together with it.
Just to keep the fancy mood, I cut the logo of the movie with my Silhouette Cameo in gold cardstock and put it on the cover.

In this mini I combined pages of different sizes, some of them are vellum. Also, I chose few diecuts from the Chit Chat package of Hello collection that fit with the color scheme and birthday theme.
Since I didn't have specific embellishment, I cut few hearts of different sizes and also used some hearts shape sprinkles of Hello collection, this way I have a common element throughout the whole mini and keep it cohesive. 

I cut a circle window on a vellum page in order to show the photo that was behind it, I love the effect! I made it even more eye catching by writing "8 years" with the help of Love Letters cardstock alpha, I think this typography goes perfectly with the theme of the mini!

For me, the purpose of minialbums is to tell a story and to give as much details as possible. When I work in a birthday mini album, I always document main elements, such as the food we ate, the people that shared our happiness, and of course plenty of photos of the birthday girl! I used vellum and my typewriter for journal about all these things.

I love mini albums with lots of pages of different size, in the central part here I put a big page cut in two, and cut circle windows showing pics beneath them, love the different level effect.

I love how simple but yet special this mini is, and I love that it documents a happy day in the life of my girl.

I hope you like this idea and find my tips and trick useful. Neutral collections like Petite Prints are a great idea when you try to document something so specific like this event, and of course there is no thematic collection available.

Have a lovely day!