Disney Descendants Minialbum for Doodlebug Design

I love to throw parties and every year I have a lot of fun planning the birthday party of my kids. Every year we decide a theme, and I work for weeks so as to have the food and decoration ready for that special day. Once the party is over I have more fun documenting everything in a mini album, and today I want to share with you the mini I made with photos of the birthday party number 8 of my little girl.

The theme of the party was the movie Disney Descendants, and I must confess I haven't used these photos until now (my girl is already 10 now) because I really have no idea about what collection would fit this very specific color scheme and theme. although, when the Design Team were challenged to use the new Petite Print collection I knew it was perfect for this project! 

I chose ruby, blue jean and beetle black dot-stripes paper for the pages and also orchid floral-graph paper for the inner cover, because these were the colors of the movie. I also used this super fancy cardsotck with velvet details I have been hoarding for more than a year.

I went for a simple thread binding, used some washi tape to join the covers and spine of the mini and with the help of eyelets and gold metallic thread I  put the pages together with it.
Just to keep the fancy mood, I cut the logo of the movie with my Silhouette Cameo in gold cardstock and put it on the cover.

In this mini I combined pages of different sizes, some of them are vellum. Also, I chose few diecuts from the Chit Chat package of Hello collection that fit with the color scheme and birthday theme.
Since I didn't have specific embellishment, I cut few hearts of different sizes and also used some hearts shape sprinkles of Hello collection, this way I have a common element throughout the whole mini and keep it cohesive. 

I cut a circle window on a vellum page in order to show the photo that was behind it, I love the effect! I made it even more eye catching by writing "8 years" with the help of Love Letters cardstock alpha, I think this typography goes perfectly with the theme of the mini!

For me, the purpose of minialbums is to tell a story and to give as much details as possible. When I work in a birthday mini album, I always document main elements, such as the food we ate, the people that shared our happiness, and of course plenty of photos of the birthday girl! I used vellum and my typewriter for journal about all these things.

I love mini albums with lots of pages of different size, in the central part here I put a big page cut in two, and cut circle windows showing pics beneath them, love the different level effect.

I love how simple but yet special this mini is, and I love that it documents a happy day in the life of my girl.

I hope you like this idea and find my tips and trick useful. Neutral collections like Petite Prints are a great idea when you try to document something so specific like this event, and of course there is no thematic collection available.

Have a lovely day!

I *heart* Baking for Doodlebug Design

The title of this layout says it all: I love baking! I have loved it since I was a kid and through years I've had the chance of taking few classes in order to improve my skills.
I enjoy baking pretty and yummy cupcakes, cookies and cake pops for my family and friends, and this is what this layout documents.

For my layout I used So Much Pun collection, I love how versatile and colorful it is!

When I saw this rainbow dotted paper of So Much Pun collection I knew I wanted to use it as background for a layout. I love the bright colors in turquoise background, but since the pattern is a bit intense, I decided to use a piece of vellum in order to lower the colors and make it work as a background.

I love layouts with many photos, so I used 4 tiny photos of some of my latest baking creations, I've made them all for birthday parties and for my baby shower.

Of course, I used a bunch of diecuts from the Odds&Ends package, all the baking related ones. I added an extra touch by using some sprinkles as pin cheeks, this makes them even more adorable, if possible.

For the title I used free font "Sacramento" and cut it on white yardstick. I also used few hearts for the stickers sheet including in this collection.
This time I wrote my journaling on the vellum using my Typecast typewriter. if you don't have a typewriter you can always print vellum on  regular printer.

As always, volume is a very important element, so foam dots to create different levels on my layout. Shapes sprinkles are a great addition to any diecut, don't you think?

Love how happy and colorful this page came out. The background is super colorful but it looks perfectly fine with the vellum.

I hope you liked this idea and give it a try. As I said before, I am trying to get out of my confort zone and use more colorful / busy patterned backgrounds, I think I've succeed with this layout.

Have a lovely day!

Isla Tortuga para Anita y Su Mundo

Hola amigos y amigas de Anita y Su Mundo, cómo están? Hoy les quiero mostrar como crear una entretenida layout con la colección Mi Paraíso.

Esta es por lejos una de mis colecciones favoritas de Anita hasta ahora, me gusta mucho su temática y sus colores, y en especial los diseños de los papeles. 
En este caso específico, me gustó mucho el diseño de este papel, es tan alegre y veraniego, lo quería usar como base de mi layout por el lado de las rayas,  pero al probar con fotos encima se veía un poco recargado...

Solucioné el problema fácilmente colocando encima un pedazo de vellum, de esta manera le bajé un poco el nivel al estampado pero no del todo, la idea era mantener el diseño.

A continuación, corté con mi Silhouette Cameo el título "Isla Tortuga" en cartulina blanca. Para hacer esto ocupé la tipografía Arial Black y aplique desplazamiento de 3 mm, de esta manera generé el borde alrededor de las letras. Rellené cada una de las letras con papeles estampados de la misma colección.

En esta layout quise usar un diseño "all over the page" o en toda la página, por lo que pegué el título y bajo este pegué la foto principal de esta layout.

Usé una foto principal rectangular y como bonus, puse un par de fotos con forma de círculo entre las otras del título. Me gusta poder usar la mayor cantidad de fotos posibles en mis layouts, y en este caso, para no sobrecargar el diseño, lo mejor fue usar fotos pequeñitas y circulares, se ve bonito, no creen?

Para decorar corté algunas hojas tropicales y recorté diferentes elementos de la lámina de recortables y de los distintos papeles de la colección. Hice un par de clusters de adornos.

Una buena idea para hacer el diseño mas llamativo es coser con la máquina encima de algunas de las letras recortadas, de esta manera, la pagina gana textura y volumen. Recomiendo coser con la maquina dando vueltas con la mano y no usando el pedal, ya que es una superficie muy delgada y puede salirse del borde muy fácilmente, arruinando el efecto que se quiere lograr. Si no tienes máquina no se preocupen, se puede hacer perfectamente a mano, con aguja e hilo.

Me gustó mucho el resultado de esta página, creo que quedó entretenida. Los papeles de Anita  y Su Mundo siempre se destacan por ser alegres y coloridos y estos son especialmente bonitos. Me gusta que además sea una página con mucho volumen.

Espero que les haya gustado esta idea y se animen a usar más bases estampadas, en mi caso estoy intentando alejarme un poco de los fondos blancos o neutros, es divertido probar y experimentar cosas nuevas, salir de la zona de confort!

Cuéntenme si se atreven a hacer una layout siguiendo este tutorial y si tienen alguna duda o idea me pueden dejar un comentario. Que tengan un bonito día!

Perfect Combo for Doodlebug Design

Hello! Today I want to share here this layout I made for Doodlebug Design DT using their fabulous new collection So Much Pun.

My kids love french fries and junk food, and I must admit that I love it too! Although its not the best food in the world, once a while I take them to have a junk treatment and have fun eating some fries.

This is the first layout I've made using So Much Pun and from the moment I saw this collection I knew I had to scrap some photos of my french fries lovers.

In this layout I went for a funny and colorful approach: I cut this big tittle using my Silhouette Cameo and backed all the letter using some of the papers of the 6x6 inches pad. The patterns of this pad are smaller, so they are great for backing cut files without loosing the design of the paper.

I chose as main focus of my layout these adorable icons from the Odds&Ends package, I added an extra cute detail by putting some pink cheeks made of sprinkles to some of the guys using some glitter sprinkles.

In this one I just added a few lines of journaling, can you believe it? I used my recently purchased Typecast typewriter, love the vintage effect <3 p="">

I love how funny and colorful this layout came out, it totally captures the spirit of my kids eating junk, LOL!

I enjoyed working with this collection, it is very versatile, so you can use it for practically anything! I'm already working on a new project I'll share with you all soon :) Thank you for stopping by today and have a lovely weekend!


Pool Fun for Doodlebug Design

We have the luck of having a pool in our backyard since few years. My little girl adores water and this was the perfect gift for her, but with time she realized it wasn't that fun to play at the pool all by herself... until she got a brother!

Last summer my baby boy was almost two years old, so he finally was able to spend pool time with her sister, and they really enjoyed it! 

This is the happy memory  I wanted to document in this fun and summery layout, using Sweet Summer collection.

My idea is to have some kind if diagonal design in the page, so I placed the main photo on the top left and then created a little embellishment cluster around it.  

I used my fringe scissors to create a  fringe strip on the top to add some volume to the page. Some sewing machine stitching completes the concept, and of course I left some loose thread here and there, I love this effect.

I created a cluster of embellishments with different levels on the bottom right using some Odds&Ends and Chit Chat diecuts, this way the page looks balanced. 

For my title I cut the word "pool" using free font Sacramento in white cardstock; when the patterns are too busy or colorful I prefer to use white tittles to make them stand out. I completed my tittle using Abigail alpha in yellow color.

I love how fresh and happy this layout came out, and most importantly, I love it documents some of the pool shenanigans of my little ones, the first summer they got to enjoy pool time together. This is what my journaling is all about here.

I hope you liked this idea and now are inspired to start creating with Sweet Summer collection. Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day!

Princesa para Anita y Su Mundo

Hola! Cómo están? Hoy les quiero mostrar esta layout que hice para Anita y Su Mundo en la cual incorporé la técnica del "Color Blocking". Esta es un técnica bastante antigua en el mundo del scrapbooking, y consiste básicamente en dividir la página en  bloques de distintos tamaños y formas.

A continuación les dejo el video en el cual les muestro paso a paso cómo elaboré esta layout:

Qué les pareció? Acá pueden ver en detalle cómo quedó mi página:

Me gusta la idea de crear bloques de forma y de color, en este caso fue muy sencillo trabajar esta técnica pues los papeles de Anita Y Su Mundo tienen estampados simples y de colores fuertes.

La fuente que usé para cortar el título con mi Silhouette Cameo se llama "Sacramento" y es una tipografía gratuita que pueden descargar desde la web.

Acá pueden ver el journaling que escribí a máquina y complementé con el abecedario de pegatinas. como les comenté en el video, no es para nada necesario tener máquina para escribir el journaling, perfectamente se puede escribir a mano, o imprimir en papel vegetal  luego pegarlo en ese espacio.

Espero que les haya gustado esta idea y se hayan podido inspirar para trabajar en sus scrapbooks! esta es una técnica muy simple y entretenida, ideal para iniciarse en el mundo de las layouts.

Si tienen alguna duda me pueden dejar un comentario, y si se animan a hacer un lift de mi página cuéntenme!! Que tengan un lindo día!