miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Sweet Summer MInialbum for Doodlebug Design

Hello there friends! How are you? Today I want to share this cute little mini album I made using gorgeous Sweet Summer collection.

Some years ago I had the luck of spending few weeks with my family in Brazil, in a little town called Buzios. This was our first vacations abroad as a family of three, my little girl was only three years old, so we really enjoyed our time there. 

I realized I didn't make any mini album for properly document these happy times, so I cracked open my collection package and started working.

I decided to went for a simple binding, so I used a ring mini binder with plastic sleeves, this way I could focus on fotos and embellishments.

I printed some journaling pages on vellum, and then I embellished them a bit using Shape Sprinkles and Icon Stickers. I repeated this in few more pages on the album.

I had this big pic I really wanted to include on my mini, but since the pages were 10x10 it didn't fit on it.... but, I cut the pic in two and put it back together using some wash tape, this way I could fold my pic and include it on the mini.

I included some of the diecuts from the Odds&Ends packs as some kind of tags in different parts of the mini, I think they look cute.

I used Abigail alpha and also Teensy Typo Alpha in white color to highlight the name of the place where a given pic was taken. I like to mix different kind of alphas to make my composition more interesting.

The fruits icons are definitively my fave in this collection, they are so fresh and cute with their little faces! I used them a lot in this mini.

I combined different embellishments to decorate, including Odds & Ends, Chit Chat, shape Sprinkles and Icon stickers. I used foam dots for adhering some of my embellies, this way the design look more interesting.

I am so glad I worked on this mini album with this collection, I love the happy feeling of this collection, it certainly represents the spirit of my family vacations.

I hope you liked this mini and get inspired to start using this collection for you summery pics. if you have any question please leve me a comment! Have a fabulous day!


martes, 22 de mayo de 2018

Girl Power for The Cut Shoppe

Hello guys! How are y'all? Carol here, and today I want to share a new layout I made, this time using Girl Power cut file. 

I loved this cut file, specially the heart shape, so I decided to use it for scrapping a pic of me little girl and me. Here's my layout:

As you can see, I decorated the heart and turned it in some kind of wreath by using also some flowers exclusively designed for Scrapbook Nerd and available for free at their website:

For this layout I used Hello collection by Doodlebug, it seemed perfect for the girly subject of this layout.

I used my sewing machine to stitch a bit over the heart and over one of the letter, this is something I do often with big cut files because I love the effect. Also, some loose thread is a nice controlled messy detail :)

I used some foam dots for adding volume, because who doesn't love volume anyway!

I hope you liked this idea and got some inspiration to work on your scrapbooks. Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you have a lovely day!

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2018

My Baby You'll Be - Doodlebug Design

Hello there! How are you? Today I want to share my first (of many) project using gorgeous Hello collection by Doodlebug Design. 

Seriously, can it be any cuter? I do love all in this collection, specially how versatile it is, it can be used for several different topics: friendship, new house, birthday... and of course motherhood related, and this is the subject of my layout today.

I created a layout featuring my two kids and a this sweet lullaby that fully represents what I feel about my little ones. Now that both of them are growing up and turning into a big boy and a little miss, I feel that no matter how old they grow, they'll always be my little babies.

Here is my layout:

I went for an "all over the page" design, with two embellishments clusters and my tittle around them. I created the title using some Teensy Type alphas in white color and few words I cut using my Silhouette Cameo and "Happy Together" free font.  

I love all the gold accents in this collection, and those hear shaped sprinkles just are fabulous! they look like liquid gold, love the effect.

Journaling is always such an important part of my layout, and in this case I hand wrote it in the middle of the page because it was the only free space I had after creating the embellishments clusters and title. I wasn't too sure about this, but i really loved how this came out, I think it makes the page  looks cohesive.

This is a sweet and colorful layout that documents a happy feeling for me and my kids, I'm glad I was able to use this pretty collection on it :)

I hope you got inspiration form this project and now are thinking about a nice quote or lullaby to use in your layout! Biggest hugs <3 3="" p="">

sábado, 28 de abril de 2018

Bajo El Mar - Anita y Su Mundo

Hola! Hoy les quiero mostrar un proyecto que hice para Anita y Su Mundo con su nueva y hermosa colección Bajo El Mar. 

Como amante del mar, esta colección me enamoró desde que la vi, me encantan sus colores y la temática marina. 

Decidí usar unas fotos de hace un par de años, cuando tuve la suerte de hacer snorkeling en las exquisitas playas de Buzios, Brasil. Ciertamente un recuerdo mágico y qué mejor que documentarlo con esta linda colección.

Les dejo el video con el proceso para crear esta sencilla layout:

Qué les pareció? Fue muy fácil, no? Acá pueden ver mejor todos los detalles de mi layout, me encanta cómo quedó!

El detalle de la cinta de flecos me gusta mucho, creo que el volumen es un elemento muy importante para que una layout sea entretenida.

La lámina de recortables siempre es uno de mis favoritos en las colecciones de Anita, y en el caso de esta colección en particular me encantó!

Como pudieron ver en el video, fue fácil y rápido crear esta layout, y a pesar de ser muy simple tiene muchos detalles pequeñitos que la hacen especial.

Espero que les haya gustado la idea y se animen a intentar crear una layout siguiendo estas pautas. Si lo hacen déjenme un comentario para poder verla o etiquétenme en Instagram @papelisima 

Un beso!

lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Costa Rica Travellers Notebook - Doodlebug Design

Hello there! Today I want to share here a special project: my very first Travellers Notebook. 

This project is important for several reasons: first, this was  the first time I document a trip on the go; I was scared of not being able of accomplishing it (I am a complete fail at daily documentation) but I worked at night during the trip and also used waiting time on airports and even on the plane to work on it.

Second, this project documents the wonderful trip I made last month when I went to Costa Rica to teach a scrapbook class (if you ant to see the project I taught there you can click here!). This is the first time I teach a class out of my country and I had such a blast, certainly it is a memory I wanted to document on the go.

So, here is my TNB, I used So Punny collection (yeah, I still adore it and can't get enough of it!) and plenty of embellishments, because that was the challenge this time. 

My mini came out quite fat, because I used a lot of photos and stuff, so I keep them closed using a ribbon.

I don't know if there are rules for making a TNB, but in my case I used it like a diary, where I wrote my feelings during this trip and also documented all the things I made. In this page I also wrote some goals for the trip.

I used So Punny collection for the class I taught, and my sweet friend and the woman behind the event, Elvira, ordered some stinking cute cookies featuring the typewriter and sewing machine icon of the collection, how cute is that!! Of course I documented it :)

After the class I had the joy of spending some more days in the country enjoying its wonderful beaches and wildlife, I loved how I documented all these great memories.

In this page I used a tiny envelope and stuff few ore pics on it, also used a Jelly Clip because adorable!

I'm not very good at keeping memorabilia from trips and vacations, but here I used the entrance ticket from one park I visited, and used a Jelly Clip to keep it along with some more photos.

These two photos are so silly bt I loved them! When my friend Elvira told me about all the wildlife in the park I got the idea that I needed to take some selfies with as many animals as possible (yeah, I'm that crazy!). I was lucky enough to score a selfie with a monkey and one with an iguana, it was so much fun!

This certainly was a memorable trip and I am so glad I was able to documented it on the go, because I  wrote all my feelings and ideas on the exact moment they were happening :)

I hope you liked this idea and give it a try maybe on a future trip, if I could you can! Bye!