Dear Diary for Doodlebug Design

As I told you on a previous post, Last year I had the luck and joy of attending to a huge Latin-American scrapbooking convention held in Uruguay, the Paper Fest. 

In that event, one of the workshops was taught by the wonderful Steffi Ried, one of my fave scrappers since ever! I was so thrilled to attend to a class taught by her, of course I had to document it on my scrapbooks

When I saw this notebook like patterned paper from Simply Spring collection my first thought was that it looked like a diary, so I used that idea for working on my layout. I worked a super simple two-columns design, with lots of embellishments.

I used a photo of one of the gorgeous layouts we made at the workshop. I had a fangirling attack and asked Steffi to autograph it for me, she was so sweet, wrote kind words for me and signed it, how cool is that! :)

I cut some flowers using the cut files from Simply Spring collection and filled with patterned papers from the 6x6 inches pad. I prefer using smaller patterns for backing cutfiles, this way the pattern stands out better .

Of course I journal a lot about that day (you know how much I love to journal!), how I felt, how wonderful the class was and what a sweet teacher Steffi is. I used a circle shaped photo because I love circles!

I am so glad I had the chance to meet one of my scrapbook idols and also I got to document it using this beautiful collection.This is what I love the most of scrapbooking, the possibility of living again wonderful days by documenting them.

Do you have favorite scrappers? Have you had the chance to meet them or attending to their classes? Please tell me I'm not the only fangirl here, hahaha! Thank you for visiting the blog today, have an awesome time!

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