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Hi there! How are you you? I'm delighted to announce that this year I'll continue as part of the Design Team of Doodlebug Design, I do appreciate this opportunity and really hope to do a good job for all you guys :)

I want to share my firsdt project this year, such a simple but yet significative layout I made using sweet Cream&Sugar collection. 

Every year, at the end of December, I make a layout summarying how my year was, and this is what I made this time. 

I went for a simple design, I cut the word "now" using my Silhouette Cameo and placed several little pics inside letters N and W. I used letter O to write my journaling, which I may says was really short hahaha! I could have been writing like forever, but decided to keep some things for myself this time :P

"Everything Now" is the name of a song by Arcade Fire -my fave band- which I luckily happened to see live this year (one of the most amazing concerts ever and of course is included on this summary). This song (like several of this band) means a lot to me and acted like some kind of soundtrack of my life this year, that's why I decided to use it as title in this layout.

I used a lot of pics because I wanted them to be the main focus of this layout. I carefully picked every single photo, every pic means something -wether good or bad- that happened to me this year.

My idea was to documented happy moments of this year, and also few sad ones. There are a lot of pics of myself and all of them have a meaning and reminds me a specific moment or feeling during this year. I thinks it's a good excersise to document not only happy times, but also sad ones, because of these sad times we somehow get to learn and grow, don't you think? 

I love how this came out, its quite simple but it means a lot. I'm really glad I got to document life through my scrapbooks, in few more years I will look at this page and I'm sure I'll love to remember how intense, confusing, wonderful, chaotic and amazing this year was.

Thank you for visiting me today, hopefully you got inspiration and now are planning to scrap a summary of your 2017 ;)
Biggest hugs, 

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